About Us

A number of our Kalinga Vysya community members are staying in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) practising different professions and also as a part of their job requirements. A strong desire was felt to bring all the members of our community staying in different parts of Delhi NCR to a common platform for a strong social bonding and to help each other. Accordingly, the Samaj was formed and registered on June 06, 1995 with Registrar of Societies, Delhi. With this modest aim the Samaj started in 1995 by Dr Tarnala Banambar Patra, Sri Silla Koteshwara Rao, Dr Sankaranarayana Subudhi Konchada, Sri Doki Giridhar Rao, Sri Satish Kumar Tankala, Smt S.Radha, Smt Konchada Girija Subudhi to name a few as the founding members.

During its journey through years, Members of the Samaj came forward and participated in various social activities like reconstruction works aftermath of Odisha Cyclone in 1999, blood donation camps, free health checkup camps, Talks on Healthy lifestyles by Doctors of our Samaj, donating cloths/blankets to the needy etc. Samaj regularly tries to reach with our community members staying in Delhi NCR for enrolling as life members which is presently Rs. 5000/- per adult member of Kalinga Vysya Family once in a lifetime. As of now, the Samaj boasts with about 80 life members. Each life member will have privileges like right to vote during election of Governing Body Members (which is held once in five years) and also can contest elections for the post in Governing Body.

Apart from above, Governing body of Samaj meets regularly to sort out the issues of Governance and chalks out plans for the year ahead. Governing Body is working hard to form KVS (Delhi) as Umbrella Organisation for Kalinga Vysya Samajs operating at various locations in the country.

Presently, the Governing body comprises following eminent members of our Samaj :

President  President: Dr Sankaranarayana Subudhi Konchada (Retd professor, BITS, Pilani)
Vice President  Vice President:  Sri Satyanarayana Subudhi (Assistant Commissioner, Delhi Police)
 Secretary: Sri Jagannath Rao Andhavarapu (Deputy General Manager, reputed PSU)
 Joint Secretary: Sri Srinivas Kotni (Eminent Corporate Lawyer)
 Treasurer: Sri Ashok Boyina (Entrepreneur)









  • Above Governing Body is assisted by five executive members-Sri Sathyanarayana Baratam, Sri K.G.K.Patro, Sri Ram Prasad Patro, Sri Balaji Patro and Sri Srinivas Baratam.
  • Samaj is destined to serve the society with the following Aims & objectives:


Aims & Objectives


  1. To contribute to the growth and welfare of its members in particular and public in general;
  2. To promote and spread education among its members and public;
  3. To run a library of books and publications giving information on the various courses offered by different Universities and Institutions of higher learning;
  4. To create facilities for lodging and boarding for the benefits of outstation students of Kalinga Vysyas and general public, who need assistance for fulfilling their ambition for pursuing higher education and appearing in competitive examinations;
  5. To maintain a register containing the bio data of boys and girls (who are eligible for marriage) belonging to Kalinga Vysyas families who need such information for arranging marriages;
  6. To establish, maintain and run cultural and educational institutions including tutorial and coaching Institutions for the benefit of the members and general public;
  7. To help poor boys and girls in giving Vocational training and assisting them to have a gainful employment;
  8. To raise funds and collect donations necessary to serve the above objectives for developing economic, social and educational standards;
  9. To start a consultancy organisation for suitable placement of educated unemployed or under employed boys and girls of Kalinga Vysyas and general public;
  10. To carry on all other lawful activities as are incidental to and as may be deemed necessary and conducive to the interests of Kalinga Vysya Samaj (Delhi);